Oregon is a great place to grow a business or family and offers plenty of recreational activities for your time off…


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To support and represent Oregon’s local business community by serving as its advocate on business issues and by strengthening local chambers.

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Public Policy

Sound public policies at all levels of government are necessary for businesses and communities to thrive. Oregon’s Chambers of Commerce strongly advocate for local businesses in statewide legislation which affects them. Our local businesses are an important voice in Oregon’s economic engine in shaping the statewide public policies. Altogether,Oregon’s Chambers of Commerce represent the local entrepreneurs who employ more Oregonians than in any other sector. Vibrant local businesses mean stronger communities, and a stronger Oregon.


Economic Development

One of the biggest questions we are asked is “What is Economic Development“? As a State Chamber we look at what is best for Oregon and it’s communities, how we can promote a healthy business climate in Local, State, National Levels, how we ensure talent of our future Workforce thru Education, and how we pave a brighter future of free enterprise.

“Economic development refers to the constant, intensive actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area.”



Find out what is so special about Oregon destinations from the local experts at Chamber’s located across every corner of our state. Whether you want to go to a hometown festival, experience the Oregon coast, ski the slopes, taste wine or craft beer, enjoy a Timber or Blazer game, run a race, attend an outdoor concert or play, fly fish the Deschutes, or kayak the Willamette our Chamber experts can be your personal guide. Find out more through their websites HERE Learn more at Travel Oregon.