Advocacy Updates

2017 Legislative Report – Week 21

Last week was a classic good news, bad news week for our businesses. The good news? The legislative leadership scrapped plans to pursue a major tax increase. At issue was House Bill 2830, which for weeks looked like it would be passed out of committee as a new gross receipts tax on businesses with $3 […]


OSCC Daily Legislative Update – June 22, 2017

Here is your daily update. What’s happening: As we were anticipating, yesterday House Revenue Committee threw us a curveball and passed HB 2060 which repeals the small business tax cut passed by the 2013 legislature. OSCC will issue an action alert on this outrageous action. 1. Yesterday’s action by the House Revenue committee on HB […]


2017 Legislative Report – Week 20

The legislature took the first major step to balancing the state budget last week when the House passed the Medicaid funding package. If the Senate follows suit – which is a big ‘if’ – then the legislature will have solved over $900 million of the $1.4 billion budget deficit. Finding the remaining $500 million to […]