Advocacy Updates

2017 Legislative Report – Week 23

The legislature is now done. The Senate adjourned at noon on Friday and the House followed suit at 3:30 Friday afternoon. This is what happened in the final week of session that will impact local business communities. Labor Bills: BOLI Overtime Fix: House Bill 3458 was negotiated and passed with bipartisan majorities. It gives much […]


OSCC Daily Legislative Update – July 6, 2017

Here’s a legislative update for today. We expect that the legislature will adjourn tonight. What’s happening: 1. We have defeated HB 2060-A which repealed the small business tax cut passed by the 2013 legislature. It would have been a direct $200 million tax increase on small business, but the Senate did not move forward with the legislation. […]


2017 Legislative Report – Week 21

Last week was a classic good news, bad news week for our businesses. The good news? The legislative leadership scrapped plans to pursue a major tax increase. At issue was House Bill 2830, which for weeks looked like it would be passed out of committee as a new gross receipts tax on businesses with $3 […]