‘Cap & Trade’ Debate Imminent for 2018

As we start our preparations for the 2018 legislative session, we believe that ‘Cap & Trade’ will be the issue with the largest implications for Oregon’s business community. A $700 million annual tax levied on just over 100 companies will have significant impacts on business operations for those companies as well as substantial impacts on energy and transportation costs for all companies doing business in Oregon.

We’ve prepared a short and comprehensive primer on the issue. The primer will be helpful in understanding the background, the process, and the implications for ‘Cap & Trade’ in Oregon.

Click here for more info: Cap and Trade Memo & Cap and Trade Who’s Impacted

OSCC is slating this issue for our 2018 Legislative Priority Agenda and will be advocating for your members impacted by the proposed ‘Cap & Trade’ legislation for 2018.



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